tisdag 23 juli 2013

A gentleman and his wife that started Asea 8 months ago. They did not want to know anything about the science of Redox Signaling. He was not on autoship and was buying it directly from me. Every month when it was about time for him to have more Asea I would call him and ask how much Asea he had....it was the same answer every time "I may have 1/2 bottle left...like there was no hurry to get more??
When I would ask him if he and his wife were experiencing any changes in how their bodies were working he would say "it`s only salt water"??
Well this month he called me and told me he needed his Asea so my question was how much do you have....he said 3 bottles only! lol
I went to see him at his office with 4 cases of Asea and asked when he was going to admit Asea was helping him and his wife to restore a healthy balance. His answer was "RIGHT NOW". Then he told me he wanted to sign up as a Asea associate as he had all of his friends that were waiting to get Asea from him. He bought the 4 case starter kit and signed up for 2 cases a month on his autoship.

Here is where to order: 

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