fredag 19 juli 2013

The Human Cells

We humans like all other creatures on earth are completely dependent on if our cells work as they should.  Some organisms are unicellular and thus have only one cell while others have lots of cells.
The human body has about 100 trillion cells- that´s a lot.                                                                                                      All cells have a limited lifespan.When they finally die, they are replaced by new cells formed by division. The new cell are an exact copy of the original cell.
A cell is a fantastic small factorywhere everything has to work if we want to have a good health.   Every cell should be able to absorb nutrients and oxygen, to copy itself and divide if needed, to repair any damage, to get rid of waste products and toxins,  to defend itself against various attacks, to produce energy and chemicals needed for various functions and to rapidly signal to other cells if something goes wrong and help is needed.
Redox Signalling molecules play a crucial and very important role for the cells to function as they should. 
The cells produce these moleculesthemself to full extent when we are children, but as we get older, the production declines and the cells are beginning to age, affected by oxidative stress.  Finally the cells become so bad that our body with all its cells can no longer function.
But for all of us there is Hope and very Good News .Today it is possible to fill up the supply of the vital Redox Signaling molecules in our cells.  That is a health revolution!!!

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